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Massey Ferguson

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Massey Ferguson Tractor
TE-20 & TE-A20
Workshop Repair Manual

Massey Ferguson Tractor TE20 & TE-A20 Workshop Repair and Service Manual
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This comprehensive workshop manual is the exact same manual issued by Massey Ferguson to their dealers and technicians.

Suitable for the home workshop mechanic or professional technician this manual will help you restore and maintain your Massey Ferguson Tractor. Very easy step by step instructions with lots of diagrams and photos.

Suitable for the following Massey Ferguson TE 20 Series:

  • TE-20
  • TE-A20
  • TE-C20
  • TE-D20
  • TE-E20
  • TE-F20
  • TE-H20
  • TE-J20
  • TE-P20
  • TE-R20
  • TE-S20
  • TE-T20

Below is a comprehensive summary of information in this workshop manual:


Petrol Engine (TE-A20, TE-C20)

Lubrication System
Oil Distribution
Oil Pump
Oil Filter (Verticle Type X & Incline Type Y)
Cylinder Head Overhaul
Engine Removal and Replacement
Sleeves, Pistons and Connecting Rods

Diesel Engine (TE-F20)

Lubrication System
Oil Distribution
Oil Pump
Oil Filter
Cylinder Head Overhaul
Camshaft and Timing Mechanism
Engine Removal and Replacement
Cylinder Inserts, Pistons, Connecting Rods and Liners
Crankshaft and Main Bearing Housing

Cooling System

Water Circulation
Fault Finding
Thermostat Identification

Cooling System TE-20 & TE-A20

Fan Belt Removal and Replacement
Thermostat Removal and Replacement
Water Pump and Distribution Tube Removal and Replacement
Bearing and Impeller Assembly
Precautions against Freezing

Cooling System V.O Engine TE-D20

General Data
Fan Belt Removal and Replacement
Thermostat Removal and Replacement
Water Pump Removal and Replacement
Radiator Removal and Replacement

Cooling System Lamp Oil Engine TE-H20

General Data
Fan Belt Removal and Replacement
Thermostat Removal and Replacement
Water Pump Removal and Replacement
Radiator Removal and Replacement

Cooling System Diesel Engine TE-F20

General Data
Fan Belt Removal and Replacement
Thermostat Removal and Replacement
Water Pump Removal and Replacement
Radiator Removal and Replacement

Fuel System

Fuel System TE-20 and TE-A20

Petrol Tank Removal
Petrol Valve and Sediment Bowl Assembly
Air Cleaner
Air Bleed to Induction Manifold - Engine Ventilation
Air Breather Valve Assembly
Induction and Exhaust Manifolds
Scyebler "Marvel" CArburetter (TE-20)
Zenith Carburetter 24T-2 (TE-A20)
Holley Carburetter 859-A (TE-A20)
Fuel System Fault Table

Fuel System TE-D20 Vaporising Oil and TE-H20 Lamp Oil

General Description
Fuel Tank Valve and Sediment Bowl Assembly
Carburetter Identifcation
Carburetter Model 28G
Fuel System Fault Table

Fuel System Diesel Engine TE-F20

Fuel Circuit
Air Circuit
Air Breather Circuit
Cold Starting Equipment
Injection Pump Drive
C.A.V. Fuel Injection Pump
Fuel Filters (Vokes and Purolator)
Fuel Feed Pump
Diesel Fuel System Fault Table
Function of Governor Control
Surge Prevention
Engine Speed Setting
Dismantle and Reassembly
Governor Adjustment
Governor Control and Throttle Linkage (TE-F20)

Electrical System

6 Volt System

Wiring Diagram
Specifications and Test Data
Starter Motor
Flywheel Starter Ring Gear (TE-20 and TE-A20)
Ignition Timing (TE-20 and TE-A20)
Control Box
Ignition Coil
Spark Plugs
Switches and Wiring
Ignition Warning Light

12 Volt System

Specifications and Data
Starter Motor
Starter Motor Drive
Starter Motor Switch (TE-F20)
Control Box
Wiring Diagram
Wiring Diagram
Fitting of Lighting Kit


Carburetter Engine Models - Remove, Disassemble, Assemble and Refit
Diesel Engine Models - Remove, Disassemble, Assemble and Refit
Driven Palte - Reface
Pedal Adjsutment
Pilot Bearing
Release Levers Adjustment
Release Bearing - Remove and Replace


Rear Axle Housing - Remove
Transmission Assembly - Dismantle and Rebuild
Counter Shfat Assembly Dismantle and Rebuild
Bearings and Gears - Remove and Replace
Reverse Shaft Assembly - Replace
Main Shaft Assembly - Replace
Shifter Rails and Selectors - Replace
Gear Shift Lever Assembly - Disassemble and Rebuild
Transmission Fault Table

Rear Axle and Hubs

Rear Axle Assembly
Axle Shaft Assembly - Replace
Differential Assembly - Remove, Dismantle, Rebuild and Refit

Hydraulic System and Linkage

Control Lever Adjustment
Control Mechanism
Control Spring Assembly
Control Valve
Fork Mechanism
Friction Disc Adjustment
Hydraulic Cylinder Assembly
Hydraulic Pump
Hydraulic Tapping Points
Levelling Lever Assembly
Lift Assembly
Oil Chambers
Power Take Off Shaft Support
Quadrant Assembly
Rack - Upper Link
Safety Device
Safety Valve
Valve Chambers - Hydraulic Pump

Power Take Off Shaft

General Description
Remove PTO Shaft
Repalce PTO Shaft
PTO Shaft Rear Bearing Assembly
PTO Shaft Coupling
PTO Shaft Front Bearing Assembly


Upper Assembly
Steering Wheel Removal
Steering Shaft Removal
Steering Housing Assembly
Front Axle Assembly
Centre Turnnion
Front Axle Assembly - Remove

Front Hubs

Lubrication - Front Hubs
Pivot Pin
Radius Rods
Spindle Assembly
Spindle Bushes
Steering Drag Links


General Description - Kidney Cam Type and Floating Cam Type
Adjustment - Both Types
Brake Lining - Replacement
Brake Reconditioning - Kidney Cam Type
Brake Reconditioning - Floating Cam Type
Brake Fault Table

Wheels and Tyres

Rear Wheels
Front Wheels
Tyre Replacement
Track Width Adjustment
Steel Wheels
Wheel Girdles


Seat, Hood and Fenders
Drivers Seat
Hood Catch

Narrow Width Tractors (TE-C20, TE-20, TE-J20)

General Description
Front Axle Assembly
Rear Axle Assembly
Hydraulic Linkage Assembly
Stabiliser Assembly

Industrial Tractor (TE-P20, TE-R20, TE-S20, TE-T20)

Dual Brake Assembly
Hydraulic Brakes
Master Cylinder
Mechanical Brake Assembly
Front Bumper and Radiator Grille Guard
Fenders Front and Rear
Lighting System
Lighting Equpiment Maintenance
Lighting Wiring Diagram

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