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David Brown

Model 770-1175
Model 780-4600
Model 1270-1570

Massey Ferguson

Model MF35
Model TE20 / TE-A20
Model 8100


Ford 2000-7000 Series
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David Brown Tractor
Series 780, 880, 990, 1200, 3800 & 4600
Workshop Repair Manual

David Brown Tractor Series 780, 880, 990, 1200, 3800,  4600 Workshop Repair Manual
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This comprehensive workshop manual is the exact same manual issued by David Brown/Case to their dealers and technicians.

Suitable for the home workshop mechanic or professional technician this manual will help you restore and maintain your David Brown/Case Tractor. Very easy step by step instructions with lots of diagrams and photos.

Suitable for the following David Brown/Case Models:

  • David Brown 780
  • David Brown 880
  • David Brown 990
  • David Brown 1200
  • David Brown 3800
  • David Brown 4600

The following Engines are covered by this Manual:

  • AD3/30 3 cylinder
  • AD3/40 3 cylinder
  • AD3/49 3 cylinder
  • AD3/55 3 cylinder
  • AD4/47 4 cylinder
  • AD4/55 4 cylinder
  • 349101 3 cylinder
  • 355101 3 cylinder
  • 449001 4 cylinder

Below is a comprehensive contents list from this Manual:

Front Axle

Front Wheel Bearings
Tie Rods and Toe-In
Axle Center Member and Pivot Pin
Front Support

Steering Gear

Removal and Refit
Overhaul Steering Gear

Power Steering

Fluid and Bleeding
System Operating Pressure
Remove & Refit Pump
Overhaul Pump
Remove & Refit Steering Cylinder
Overhaul Steering Cylinder


Remove and Refit
Remove and Refit Cylinder Head
Rocker Arms and Shaft
Valve Gap Adjustment
Valve Guides and Seats
Intake Valve Stem Seals
Exhaust Valve Rotators
Valve Springs
Remove and Refit Gear Cover
Timing Gears
Valve Tappets
Camshaft and Bearings
Connecting Rod and Piston Assemblies
Piston Pins and Bushings
Pistons and Piston Rings
Camshaft Rear Seal
Connecting Rods and Bearing
Cylinder Sleeves and Bores
Crankshaft and Main Bearings
Crankshaft Oil Seals Crankcase Ventilation System
Engine Oil Filter
Oil Pump and Relief Valve
Oil Pan

Gasoline Fuel System

Fuel Pump

Diesel Fuel System

Fuel Filters
Fuel Lift Pump
Fuel Injection Pump
Diesel Governor Adjustment
Fuel Injectors

Non Diesel Governors

Remove, Refit and Overhaul

Cooling System

Water Pump

Electrical System

Spark Plugs
Ignition Distributor and Timing
Generator and Voltage Regulator

Single Disc Clutch

Remove and Refit Clutch
Clutch Overhaul

Dual 'Livedrive' Clutch

Remove and Refit Clutch

Clutch (Model 1200)

Remove and Refit Clutch

Clutch Shaft Brake

Friction Pad Type
Brake Band and Drum Type


Shift Levers, Rails and Forks
Remove and Refit Transmission Cover
Remove and Refit Transmission from Rear
Remove and Refit Transmission from Above
Overhaul Transmission

Main Drive Bevel gears and Differential

Remove and Refit Assembly
Adjust Pinion Mesh Position
Adjust Differential Carrier Bearings and Bevel Gear Backlash
Overhaul Differential Assembly
Differential Lock

Final Drive

Lubrication and Breather
Remove and Refit Final Drive Assemblies
Wheel Axle Shaft, Axle Gear, Bearings and Seals
Spur Pinion Shaft, Bearings and Seal
Rear Axle Housing


Remove and Refit Brake Shoes
Remove and Replace Brake Pads
Brake Linkage

Belt Pulley


Power Take Off

Remove and Refit PTO Assembly
Output Shaft Oil Seal
Overhaul PTO Assembly

Implematic Hydraulic System

Hydraulic System Operating Principles
System Checks and Adjustments
Pump and Valve Assembly
Control Valve
Rockshaft and Ram Cylinder
Automatic Hold Mechanism
Draft Sensing Top Link Assembly
Hydraulic Lines and Filter

Selectamatic Hydraulic System

Operating Principles
Fluid Control valves
Hydraulic Fluid
Hydraulic System Filters
system Checks and Adjustments
Remove, Refit and Overhaul Pump
Remove and Refit Control Valve Assembly
Overhaul Control Valve Assembly
Adjust Control Valve Assembly
Remove and Refit Overhaul Control Mechanism
Remove, Refit and Overhaul Rockshaft Cylinder
Rockshaft amd Support Latch
Top Link Sensing Unit
Hydraulic Lines and Filters
Remote (External) Control Valves
Two Way Remote Control Valve

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David Brown Tractor Series 780, 880, 990, 1200, 3800 & 4600 Workshop Repair Manual
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